• Artist In Residence
    • Consultations
    • Strategies for growth
    • Student Retention

    Helping churches, with a big heart, empower the next generation

  • Developing the next generation disciples of Jesus Christ to Change the World

  • Retainer and Engagement Options 


    Monthly Retainer

    2 month minimum




    $180 Travel & not included

    Leaders Workshop


    Travel & lodging not included

    Youth Speaker or Workshop


    Travel & lodging not included

  • VBS, Children's Church curriculum includes but not limited to topics about physical and mental health, bullying, purpose, self esteem, and worship.

    VBS 2k22


    "God wants you to use all the gifts he gave you to give Hime glory!"

    Rated PG aka purpose and goals

    "When I say DREAM! you say BIG!"


    "Confidence in Christ."

    Change The World

    "When we start with our neighbor we can Change The World."

    Creation before the Cross.

    "Doubts about God as creator will lead to easy doubts and rejection of the crucifixion. If our students never make it past Genesis they will never get to Revelations."

  • Christian Education Through Music

    Psalm 8:2

    From the mouths of children and infants You have ordained praise.

    Sample schedule


    2 Day Workshop & Concert $1500 band included

    3 Day Workshop & Concert $1900 band included