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    Helping churches of all sizes, with a big heart, empower the next generation

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    Meeting ID: 893 3048 7033
    Passcode: lit2k23

  • Meeting Agenda Area

    January 15 (Zoom) (Beverly, Rikita, Morgan, Alphaeus) 6:30pm

    • 2023 Big 4 & Maintence - Narrow Down the 5 and submit to Church for flyers
    • Retreat Date for ABCD team
    • Trainining Retreat Date- discussed
    • Black History / Alliance
    • Youth Magnet Reading Suggest- Put in portal - Incomplete
    • Social Media update- move forward need to locate lit logo- Jot form from Avis

    Next Steps-? 

    Feb 5th Lit Kidz Expo Meet & Greet - After

    Goal- Meet parents, sneak peak of up and coming, questions

    Take sign ups for volunteers- volunteer form- Avis sedn to coordinators for approval

    Lit Kids Vision & Big 4 High Level ( One Sheet)

    Email Alphaeus- Pictures & Description fun bio-

    Kita set our social media-

    Eco System handbook for Lit Kidz - alphaeus work on it

    December 27th (Zoom) (Beverly, Rikita, Morgan, Alphaeus) 7pm

    • Retro
    • 2023 Big 4 & Maintence
    • Onboarding- discussed
    • Trainining Retreat- discussed
    • Youth Magnet Reading - Incomplete

    Next Steps-

    Confirm Big 4 dates

    Social Media Lit Youth

    Children's Church April Launch/Branding & Blueprint

    Run of Show for Next Big 4 in March

    December 5th (Zoom) (Beverly, Rikita, Morgan, Alphaeus)

    • Meet and greet
    • Ecosystem clarity with AIR - blank canvas
    • 10th Kidz event
    • Future team retreat & solid sessions (Sat) (Some intro)
    • 2023 vision (Incomplete)
    • Official leaders installation discussion ( Incomplete)
    • Youth Magnet Reading ( Incomplete)
  • Lit Kidz

    What's the best season.

    Big Four 2023

    March 4 C314






    Run of show



    Block Party Post School Field Day





    Run of show


    Evening Health
    Outing/Field Day





    Run of show


    Fall/ Hallelujah Night Event? Love of Jesus style





    Run of show


  • In between the big 4

    Contribute to spiritual & Christian Ed

    Monthly, Bi-weekly, Weekly when capacity increase

    Maintenance Options

    Children's Church


    April 2023 Launch

    Sunday School or T. Time



    Love of Jesus Jam?

    Only if we are bored

  • Templates Docs Samples

    ie: SOPS, ORg Charts, Roles,

  • What others are saying

    Travis Greene

    Alphaeus is leading a Stellar Award Winning youth choir. He is challenging the status quo and creating a model for how youth music ministry should look in our churches.

    Lejuene Thompson

    Lead Singer for Donald Lawrence & Tri-City Singers

    Alphaeus is anointed to do what he does. That's the only way to explain it.

    Bishop Michael Blue

    Alphaeus Anderson has demonstrated a God-given passion and God-honoring strategies for reaching the young, our most precious ones, and developing them into disciples of Jesus Christ. Each time that he has served our ministries and our children, we are better because of the grace on his life. Blessings upon Alphaeus, his family, and his team!

    Dr Toney C Parks

    Former President of the

    SC Congress of Christian Education

    I have had the opportunity to observe Alphaeus as a talented youth and a gifted  ministry leader for over 20 years. The upstate community is fortunate to have such a talented innovative technological asset serving our church families.


    Dr. Johnasen L. Pack

    Pastor & Presiding Prelate of the

    Jordan Partnership

    Alphaeus is the guy that really activated me. You don't know how much I look up to you. To every Pastor around the country, if your youth ministry is not what is should be, Alphaeus will train your leaders and give you the tools to accomplish what you need to accomplish.

    Lee McDermant

    New Spring Church

    Underneath his brilliant musical and ministry methods are humility, a vibrant faith and peerless character. God has used Alphaeus in a mighty way to affect the lives of thousands of students. I urge you: study his methods; walk in his instruction. You will be glad you did.

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