• November 19th is going to be a day set aside to mise en place for 2023 Youth Ministry. Preview the "save the date" graphc and click to register to be on the waiting list. 
    I can assure you if you are struggling or need fresh strategies, the one day experience will be eye opening. 
    Click the link below to be a part of this exclusive innovative, interactive live training for youth leaders, teachers, pastors and volunteers in youth ministry in the black church. When you leave you will have insight, direction, comfort, affirmation and clarity on what to do to reach the next generation in challenging times. 
    We will open registration soon and will close the registration once it fills up. We are only accepting 100 registrations for this live event. 

  • Our Heart

    Our Tagline: No Youth No Church


    Mission: To help small churches, with a big heart, empower the next generation by fulfilling three goals: PRO


    1. Provide churches with a model to host life changing experiences for youth.

    2. Release attractive content for youth that strengthens their commitment to Christ.

    3. Offer strategies to protect church legacy through courses, mentorship, and symposiums.


    Vision: To become the premier platform for churches in the black community

    struggling to keep youth engaged.

  •  Helping Churches of Any Size With a Big Heart For Youth

    No Youth No Church 

















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